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Single Origin Chocolate Bars

Handmade in Cheshire

Image by Alexandre Brondino

The Finest Chocolate

from around the world

Pure Origin chocolate is made from some of the finest ethically sourced cacao in the world.  Keeping our single origin bars pure and natural without adding any unnecessary ingredients helps to bring out the full flavour of the bean, giving you a unique taste sensation.

Why Single Origin?

Single origin beans give each chocolate its own distinct flavour, from the citrus, zesty and smoky notes of a Vietnamese chocolate to the rich cherry and apricot notes of Ecuadorian chocolate.


With a range of styles and cacao strengths, our chocolates can complement any situation.  Whether you enjoy a piece of a Madagascar with a glass of fruity red wine, or letting the Colombia 85% melt in your mouth with a hot espresso.

All our dark chocolate is Vegan Friendly.

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Cacao tree in Latin:  Theobroma Cacao

"The Food of The Gods"

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