Pure Origin Chocolate

Handmade by ourselves in Wilmslow, Cheshire.  Our chocolate bars are made from some of the finest ethically sourced cacao in the world.  Keeping our single origin bars pure and natural without adding any unnecessary ingredients helps to bring out the full flavour of the bean, giving you a unique taste sensation.

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Venezuela 44% milk chocolate bar 85g

A distinctive creamy caramel flavour with nutty overtones.

£4.00 per bar.

Latin America 70% dark chocolate bar 85g

A blend on Ecuador and Peru cacao.  Silky smooth dark chocolate with hints of rum and raisins.

£4.00 per bar.

Dominican Republic 70% dark chocolate bar 85g

Smooth and creamy dark chocolate with notes of olives and

red berries.

£4.00 per bar.

Brazil 71% dark chocolate bar 85g

Rich and full-bodied dark chocolate with a suggestion of cherries and plums.

£4.00 per bar.

Sao Tomé 71% dark chocolate bar 85g

This rich and buttery dark chocolate has hints of walnuts, raisins and coffee.

£4.00 per bar.

Ecuador 73% dark chocolate bar 85g

Very smooth dark chocolate with notes of cherries and apricots.

£4.00 per bar.

Tanzania 75% dark chocolate bar 85g  SOLD OUT

Intense cocoa notes combine with woody tones that develop into a citrus like finish.

£4.00 per bar.

Colombia 85% extra dark chocolate bar 85g

Rich, bold and smooth with notes of Morello cherries and espresso.

£4.00 per bar.

Ghana 85% extra dark chocolate bar 85g

Notes of rich coffee and molasses develop into a long smooth finish.

£4.00 per bar.