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This is our current range of single origin chocolate bars. 

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Pure Origin Chocolate

Handmade by ourselves in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

All our bars are 85g and are priced at £3.50 each.

Ghana 41% milk (Only 1 left in stock)

Smooth and creamy milk chocolate with notes of freshly bake biscotti.

Colombia 65% dark (Only 3 left in stock)

Bursting with fresh tropical fruit flavours with a touch of mocha on the finish.

Dominican Republic 70% dark (Only 1 left in stock)

Smooth and creamy dark chocolate with notes of olives and

red berries.

Sao Thome 71% dark

This rich and buttery dark chocolate has hints of walnuts, raisins and coffee.

Ecuador 73% dark

Very smooth dark chocolate with notes of cherries and apricots.

Tanzania 75% dark

Intense cocoa notes combine with woody tones that develop into a citrus like finish.

Colombia 85% extra dark

Rich, bold and smooth with notes of Morello cherries and espresso.

Chocolat Madagascar

Handmade in Madagascar with some of the finest cacao in the world.

Organic 100% extra dark 85g, £4.85 per bar.

This amazingly smooth 100% cocoa bar has the sweetness of raisins and zesty citrus notes on the finish.  One of the mildest 100% bars we have tried.